American Staffordshire Terrier
Homeland and time of occurrence: USA, XIX century; height 43–48 cm, weight 18-23 kg Description: This is a medium sized dog with a hard and short coat of coat. Color…

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Infectious diseases in dogs
Unfortunately, even timely vaccinations do not provide 100% protection against infectious diseases. Everyone knows that the human influenza virus mutates every year, for each group you need your own drug…

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English Pointer
Homeland and time of occurrence: Great Britain, XVII century; height 61-69 cm, weight 20-30 kg Description: Refined, very beautiful dogs with a soft and noble disposition. The body is covered…

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Ardennes Boulevard (Flanders Boulevard)

Homeland and time of occurrence: Belgium, XVII century; height 62-64 cm, weight 18-27 kg

Description: These are serious, able to stand up for themselves dogs that prefer to live in the vast countryside. They are sometimes aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs. Differing in their independent temper, they nevertheless do not show excessive stubbornness. The Ardennes Bouvier has a double coat of wool, represented by a soft undercoat and a rough and tough outer layer of wool. Due to this, they are not afraid of even the most severe frosts. Continue reading


Homeland and time of occurrence: Germany, XVII century; height 25-30 cm, weight 3-3.5 kg

Description: An affinch pinscher is a small-sized, wire-haired dog whose intelligence and behavior make it a model pet. Wool color gray; the muzzle is covered with coarse hair, with shaggy eyebrows, especially.

Breed history: As a result of special studies, it was concluded that local small Pinschers, along with pug-like Asian dogs, undoubtedly participated in the creation of the breed. Continue reading

Dogo Argentino

Homeland and time of occurrence: Argentina, 1920s; height 61-69 cm, weight 36-45 kg.

Description: The Great Dane of Argentina is a solid, imposing dog with a powerful character. The body of these dogs is covered with a short, thick, smooth and shiny coat of white color. Mention is also made of the massive skull along with strong, powerful jaws.

Breed history: In the 1920s, Antonio Martinez, a famous Argentine breeder, developed an original breeding program, the purpose of which was to obtain individuals of dogs capable of preying on such predators like cougars, jaguars, etc. Continue reading

English toy terrier

Homeland and time of occurrence: Great Britain, XIX century; height 25-30 cm, weight 3-4 kg

Description: Small dogs that are ideal home companions. The body is covered with thick, short, straight and shiny coat. The unusual triangular shape of the ears with pointed tips, deep and narrow chest, curved loins and croup, the toy terrier’s head is long, narrow wedge-shaped with flattened head. The tail tapering towards the end almost reaches the hock. Continue reading

Afghan (Afghan Hound)

Homeland and time of occurrence: Afghanistan, antiquity – XVII century; height 64 – 74 cm, weight 23 – 27 kg

Description: Impressive individuals of this breed are distinguished by a nervous and restless disposition. Most of all, they love funny and active games. Their long silky coat is represented by black, cream, silver or some other exotic color. Afghans are famous for the beauty and elegance of their appearance in combination with amazing speed qualities. Continue reading

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American Cocker Spaniel
Homeland and time of occurrence: USA, XIX century; height 36-38 cm, weight 11-13 kg Description: American Cocker Spaniels are cute dogs famous for their gentle and good-natured disposition. Their body…


Alaskan malamute
Homeland and time of occurrence: North America, antiquity; height 58-71 cm, weight 39-56 kg Description: The Alaskan Malamute is naturally adapted to live in a cold climate. Most comfortably, these…


English Cocker Spaniel
Homeland and time of occurrence: Great Britain, XIX century; height 38–41 cm, weight 13–15 kg Description: Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the sports dog group. Cocker Spaniel puppies…


Dog: tips on choosing
So, it was decided to have a dog. This means that you get a real friend who will look forward to you and sincerely rejoice at your coming. But among…