Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Healer)
Homeland and time of occurrence: Australia, XIX century; height 43–51 cm, weight 16–20 kg. australian-cattle-dog-blue-heeler-01 Description: A tireless worker and capable attentive companion are the main qualities of this breed.…

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English Mastiff
Homeland and time of occurrence: Great Britain, antiquity; height 70 - 76 cm, weight 79-86 kg Description: The English Mastiff is one of the largest dogs in the world. The…

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To give preference
If you decide to buy a dog, it is necessary to clearly understand the purpose for which it is needed, to take into account a number of factors. It is…

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Obedience competition

The main objective of the obedience competition is to show the dog’s ability to obey the orders of the owner or handler, regardless of the situation and provocations from the side. At the same time, the relationship between the handler and the dog is of great importance, and how well the animal obeys it.
To participate in competitions, the dog must be more than 12 months old, and it must be registered in tribal books recognized by the ICF. Continue reading

How to feed a puppy?

Often in large offspring puppies are stunted and not adapted to life. They are born very small, weight and size does not reach the norm. And the bitch feeds only 6-7 puppies.
Every day, puppies need to gain weight and height, which is the main indicator of good condition and development. A decrease in weight or its stability – an indicator of malnutrition, starvation or disease in general. Continue reading

Place for a puppy

Conditions of keeping puppies depends on the breed and nature of the use of the dog in the service in the future. It is better to keep German Shepherds in the open air, but at one month of age, the German Shepherd puppies are kept in the house during the cold season. Puppies unsuitable for harsh winter conditions are kept in an apartment or house.
For puppies that are kept on the street, they usually make an open-air cage (a small plot of land, enclosed by a fence). Continue reading

What breed of dog to choose?

What you need to think about when choosing a four-legged friend:
The area of ​​your home is a factor that determines the size of the future pet. There is a rule: “a big dog – a lot of space, a little space – a small dog.” You can imagine what kind of trouble can add a St. Bernard, who will settle in a one-room apartment. Therefore, the situation here needs to be assessed soberly and impartially. And, of course, here the owners of apartments with a limited area and a complete dependence on neighbors can only envy the owners of private households, for which this limiter is simply absent. Continue reading

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American Cocker Spaniel
Homeland and time of occurrence: USA, XIX century; height 36-38 cm, weight 11-13 kg Description: American Cocker Spaniels are cute dogs famous for their gentle and good-natured disposition. Their body…


Infectious diseases in dogs
Unfortunately, even timely vaccinations do not provide 100% protection against infectious diseases. Everyone knows that the human influenza virus mutates every year, for each group you need your own drug…


How to wash a dog?
If you need to wash the dog, then do it right, so as not to harm its health. For washing the animal, it is advisable to use special shampoos (now…


Dog care
The dog should be kept clean. Every day the hair is combed with a loose comb, and smooth-haired dogs with a stiff hair brush. It removes dirt and dust, as…