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American Eskimo Dog

Homeland and time of occurrence:

United States, 1913; height 38 cm or more, weight always corresponds to height.


This is a playful, lively and cheerful-minded dog with a hard and coarse white coat. The ears are upright, and the nose is black. Individuals of this breed to the company of people and love active games, especially in the fresh air. There are 3 types of this breed: standard, miniature (height 33-38 cm) and that (23-30 cm).Breed history:

Rising to the Spitz family, the breed owes its name to its distinctive appearance, prompting us to recall the Canadian Eskimo dog. The breed originally originated in an exceptional severe climate, so it is not surprising that its current representatives are known for their energetic character, endurance, and long life.

The traditional mission of American Eskimo dogs is to serve as domestic companions, which they do superbly.

However, they are also used for the guard service.

American Eskimo DogGames, Entertainment, Recreation:

Since American Eskimo dogs are easily trained, the process itself can be perceived as a fun and entertaining game. They love to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially when surrounded by members of the host family.

Attractive features:

American Eskimo dogs are surprisingly easy to learn new skills. They have excellent health, which allows them to properly serve the master throughout their lives and be considered the most active and beloved family members.

Health problems:

Quite often there are cases of hip dysplasia

Content Features:

These dogs are known for their noise. If you miss this fact from the attention in the process of training, the annoying and almost incessant barking of your pet can create a serious problem for life in the house. Some individuals do not tolerate strangers into the spirit – in such cases, planned socialization is shown from an early age.


American Eskimo dogs were once the most beloved dogs of American circus trainers.

They have an instinctive desire to protect their territory from possible encroachments of strangers and animals. American Eskimo dogs even tend to greet guests at home with fierce barking. All this contributes to their popularity as watchmen.

The average life expectancy of American Eskimo dogs is about 12-14 years.

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