Dog care
The dog should be kept clean. Every day the hair is combed with a loose comb, and smooth-haired dogs with a stiff hair brush. It removes dirt and dust, as…

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Dogo Argentino
Homeland and time of occurrence: Argentina, 1920s; height 61-69 cm, weight 36-45 kg. Description: The Great Dane of Argentina is a solid, imposing dog with a powerful character. The body…

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Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Healer)
Homeland and time of occurrence: Australia, XIX century; height 43–51 cm, weight 16–20 kg. australian-cattle-dog-blue-heeler-01 Description: A tireless worker and capable attentive companion are the main qualities of this breed.…

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American Staffordshire Terrier

Homeland and time of occurrence:

USA, XIX century; height 43–48 cm, weight 18-23 kg


This is a medium sized dog with a hard and short coat of coat. Color varies from beige to black and in principle can be anything. Ears are often cropped. American Staffordshires feel good in the conditions of the city, but they need to ensure serious physical activity.Breed history:

It originated in England as a result of crossing between combat bull terriers and pit bull terriers. The dogs of this breed were specially raised as gladiators when dog fighting was especially popular. Consciously systematic breeding in the United States allowed us to get less militant individuals, much more reliable in everyday life.

Games, entertainment, recreation:

American Staffordshire Terriers have an extraordinarily active temper and any serious physical activity.

American Staffordshire Terrier Attractive features:

American Staffordshires are not only very energetic, they are also gentle, affectionate, and have a good attitude towards children.

By virtue of their natural acumen, they are great in the role of guards and guards

Health problems:

mostly healthy dogs, American Staffordshires are sometimes prone to hip dysplasia and neoplastic diseases

Content Features:

These dogs are very sensitive to violation or encroachment on their territory and prefer to occupy a dominant position in relation to unfamiliar people and animals.

It happens that they are slow with the execution of commands given by the owner. Because of their inherent aggressiveness, American Staffordshires are ready to get into a fight at any moment. The terrible strength of their jaws, which have a deadly grip, is known to many by hearsay.


Since these are very powerful and energetic dogs, they are recommended to be pulled off the leash only in a specially fenced area.

The official breed standard was developed only in 1936.

Other breed name: amstaf.

The average life expectancy of American Staffordshires is about 13 years.

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