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American Foxhound

Homeland and time of occurrence:

USA, XIX century; height 53–64 cm, weight 30–34 kg


These are large and very attractive dogs with short and hard coat. Color can be any. Also noteworthy are the long, straight-fronted front legs, which are very helpful in hunting foxes. Still worth mentioning are wide drop ears, set at the level of wide-set eyes. Characteristic detail: flax (lips) hanging below the jaw.Breed history:

The breed goes back to several working English Foxhounds introduced to America in 1650. Initially, these dogs were used to search for Indians, and over time, the American Foxhounds began to participate in the hunt for wild animals. The main features – grace and speed – the breed is obliged to planned breeding, in which in addition to the already mentioned English Foxhounds, French and Irish hounds such as the Kerry Big were involved.

Games, entertainment, recreation:

American Foxhounds have extraordinary activity. They are amazing runners: if you leave the Foxhound on the territory of 200 m2, he, having run around it for the day, will come back happy and ready to run the same distance again!

Attractive features:

A great hunter and a wonderful companion, the American Foxhound gets along well with children. As a rule, in relation to other pets aggression does not show, which is not true of unfamiliar dogs.

American Foxhound Health Problems:

American Foxhounds have excellent health, they lack all genetic diseases (for example, hip dysplasia), from which similar sizes of individuals of other breeds suffer. It should be remembered that foxhounds can not be overfed, as an increase in weight can adversely affect the hunting skills of these dogs.

Content Features:

Foxhound dogs needing an active lifestyle. If you live in the city and do not have the opportunity to provide your pet with a spacious platform for games and exercises, do not despair: long walks will completely solve the problem

As for training, then you (in case of lack of experience) will have to turn to a professional master

Foxhounds are distinguished by their independent temper and fair stubbornness, which creates certain difficulties in the process of training.


American Foxhounds live an average of 10-12 years.

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